Friday, January 23, 2009

What nerds!

Okay, today I diagnose the pure nerdiness shared by many in my unit:

Last weekend we spent 18 hours playing Risk! Godstorm. It is a variation of the classic Risk! boardgame that includes magic, gods, special moves and my favorite, plagues. The game became addicting for many and I can only assume it will only get worse as the deployment progresses.

Where will it end? First we will start out "Lite-Nerd" then it will progress to the ever-so-common, "Dork" and finally the definitive "Geek" where the individual wears their BCG prescription glasses proudly with a bit of tape on the bridge of the glasses between the lenses to assure proper fit.

The Army has already issued pocket-protectors for the most part on the left sleeve of our uniforms. They give us tech manual to read constantly, our job is writing stories and taking pictures. This is certainly a formula for disaster.

I fear that in the long run, the nerdism will become pandemic in proportions and that some how this feverish rampage of geekiness will consume a good chunk of our unit.

First it begins with Risk! Then it progresses to games like Axis and Allies. Finally someone will think about bringing in Warhammer, and finally, when you thought it could get no worse, it does. The Geekism takes over and before you know it we're all rolling 1D20 dice and calling each other by our character names from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

My name is Ganodorn, Dwarfe warrior from the highland caverns.

Sgt Taylor may become the barbarian orc from the Swamps of Sorrow...

Spc. Logue... well, she's always been a gnome, no change there.

That's my fear, I have properly warned everyone. The age of the Geek is upon us. Prepare for the inevitable! Run for the hills.

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